Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Today was the first sunny day since I have been in Sammamish (it took 13 days!). The sky was a clear, the air was crisp and fresh, and the temperatures were relatively pleasant in the low-40s. I took advantage of this rare treat and ran the Snoqualmie Valley trail between Carnation and Duvall for 100 minutes of running (1 hour, 40 minutes) and about 15 miles. None of the run was particularly fast, but I felt pretty comfortable and after all, easy runs should be easy! Yesterday was basically a rainy washout and I was worried about mud, but fortunately this section of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail was mud-free.

This evening I head to my sister’s house in Maple Valley to visit her and her husband as well as my 16-month-old niece, Tamar! It should be fun!

I also look forward to getting my first turns of the ski season tomorrow at Alpental and using my brand new Atomic Metron skis 🙂


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