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Yellow Lake

I finally had a good run on Saturday, but it was a long time coming! On Friday I ran about 6.7 miles and felt pretty miserable. My stomach was giving me problems for some reason, my legs felt tired, and there were all kinds of aches and pains – the 47 minutes were not the most memorable. Today I returned to the same loop trail and added an extra loop for 8 miles total (52 minutes) and felt much better. The photo above is of Yellow Lake (obviously in much better weather conditions), and the runs of the past few days have basically been 4-5 loops of the trail that encircles this lake.

It’s been awhile since I have been in “rhythm” on a run so it was refreshing and the run definitely made me feel good. The weather was actually decent for running with temps in the mid-40s and while the trail was quite muddy, no precipitation was falling from the sky.Today the forecast is for rain all day and I am very reluctant to start runs in a downpour, but I want more of that good feeling from the run yesterday so hopefully the rains will stop for a little. Aside from a fleeting sunbreak (I mean like a minute or two), I have yet to see the sun on my winter break in Washington!


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