Weather trifecta in Seattle

Wow – the weather the past few days in Seattle is about as wild and stormy as it gets as mother nature has delivered a triple-punch of storms (snow, wind, and flooding heavy rains). First, on Saturday evening, a winter storm brought 5 inches of snow to my house in Sammamish and up to 15 inches of snow in communities further east like Snoqualmie Ridge and North Bend. Even downtown Seattle picked up a couple inches. Next, a warm front moved in on Sunday bringing extremely heavy rain and strong winds, causing the temperatures to skyrocket in the upper 40s. Hurricane force winds blasted the WA coast last night and nearly 3 inches of rain has fallen in the Seattle area in just the last 24 hours! Freezing levels are way up in the mountains and flooding on large and small streams is a big issue. Seattle weather in November and December is always volatile, but this is definitely going to be a memorable series of meteorological events for Western Washington.

I have become spoiled with beautiful California weather this fall so I hope the weather will calm down a bit while I will be at home December 12th-January 2nd 🙂


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  1. Talli says:

    Don’t worry I will be enjoying the beautiful weather down here. I can update you on how good it is :-)!

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