Records for Ita Pantilat!!!

I am proud to report that my mom had an awesome day of power lifting today (Thursday) at the WABDL world championships in Anaheim, CA. First, she broke the open womens (all age groups!) record for her weight class (108-114 pound class) by benching 225.7 pounds. This shattered her personal record at this weight class by over 16 pounds (209.2 pounds previous PR). Weighing in at 112 pounds prior to the competition, she essentially benched over twice her weight! Also keep in mind she is 55 and turning 56 next week – she is getting better every year 🙂

To follow up the fabulous benching performance, she competed in the deadlift this evening and lifted 300.3 pounds, another personal record and age group record (54-60). My mom only started competing in the deadlift this year and is making huge strides. All the hard work and dedication in the gym is paying off!

What a truly amazing and inspirational performance!



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