Running Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of updates. There hasn’t been much going on around here…

About two weeks after initially feeling something weird in my foot (and subsequently stopping the running), I can report that there is definite improvement. I now rarely feel the pain while walking, which is specifically located on the bottom of my foot where the second toe joins in with the rest of the foot. This is hopefully a signal that I will be back out running shortly 🙂 A couple weeks without the fresh air and free feeling of running in the woods makes me appreciate it that much more! At the end of the day, the elliptical in the gym just can’t compare. However, I am considering adding a training session on the elliptical once a week because I think it is a good workout while avoiding virtually all the pounding and stresses of running. I am also going to buy some shoes that have more cushion to ensure that there is no aggravation and stay off the pavement as much as possible!

The weather has been amazing around here for mid-November with temps in the mid-70’s and beautiful blue skies. Once again, it is unfortunate I am not running in it, but the pattern looks to continue into Thanksgiving week which gives me hope of some great runs during the break.

The oil spill in the San Francisco Bay is very depressing with images of dead and dying wildlife. What is most annoying is that this was a result of human error – needless destruction. I am happy Arnold is on the case though…


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