Law and Business Society Speaker

On Tuesday we had the second speaker for the Law and Business Society. We were extremely fortunate to have Professor Grundfest speak, who is an amazing lecturer and teacher of two excellent courses at the law school (capital markets/securities regulation and venture capital). We had a great turnout and the students enjoyed the talk, which was very informative, relevant, and engaging.

I also had a very fun class today in corporate governance where my comments on the weeks readings were displayed to the entire seminar and were the subject of much laughter (and ridicule). I wasn’t expecting this greater audience, but it was a good time and I have no problem laughing at myself 🙂

Since my foot is still hurting a little, I have been hitting the gym hard the past couple days to do the elliptical machine, which does not put any pressure on the hurt spot. I sweat like crazy on that thing and I think I actually get a pretty darn good workout. Of course, I would much rather be running outside, but if I can’t run, I think the elliptical is about as good a workout as I can otherwise get.

The plan tomorrow is…. guess what??? MORE ARRILLAGA GYM, BABY!!


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