Global Warming Link?

FireIt’s obviously impossible to peg global warming as the direct cause of the tragic and devastating wildfires in Southern California this week, but all indications are that global warming is indeed creating the conditions requisite for calamities like this. In addition, worse news arrived this week that global warming is occurring at a faster rate than even previous studies had indicated. Check out this article on CNN about how warmer temperatures are tied to fires. All this is very depressing and it leaves me wondering what is next? Meanwhile, we have an administration that is habitually redacting portions of papers that point to the seriousness of global warming. Do these people care about anything but pleasing lobbyists of big industry? Hard to understand…

I’m listening to Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack to Into the Wild a lot recently. Some of the songs are absolutely amazing; my favorites include Long Nights, No Ceiling, Rise, Society, and Hard Sun. I just love the acoustic touch and Eddie Vedder’s unique voice.

Exercise: I had a nice run today and felt pretty good for the 50 minute foray around campus.


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