Into the Wild

Yesterday I saw the riveting and powerful film “Into the Wild” about a young man who goes to Alaska seeking complete detachment from society. Sean Penn did a marvelous job as director and screenplay writer. I now look forward to his future directing pursuits. I also enjoyed Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack to the movie; his vocals and the acoustic sound of the songs fit perfectly. The movie is very sad (need for tissues), especially because it a real story. I highly recommend going to see this film – it’s currently only showing in small number of artsy theaters, but well worth the extra effort if needed.

After the movie I drove back home from my sister’s house in Pacific Grove. It was an awesome visit! I always enjoy hanging out with my sister and her husband. I also got in two quality runs along the spectacular cinder paths next to the seashore.

It looks like summer is going to make a triumphant return to the Bay Area this week with temperatures forecasted to be well over 80 degrees for most of the upcoming week! Some records may fall, especially on Monday and Tuesday. I guess it’s time to whip out the shorts, singlets, and flip flops! One downer is that the mountains remain devoid of snow for at least another week so it won’t be looking like ski season anytime soon.


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  1. We had an awesome time with you! Come back anytime. Look forward to hanging out with you again.

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