Pacific Grove Visit

Today I drove down to beautiful Pacific Grove (near Monterey) to visit my sister. I always enjoy visiting my sister’s gorgeous victorian house right next to the Monterey Bay! On the way, I stopped in Marina to see the grand opening of the REI store and picked up a free water bottle. The amount of people who showed up was ridiculous and I decided to save my actual shopping for another day. Just goes to show that whenever you say “free,” the whole world shows up!

After arriving at my sister’s house, I went on a great run along the shoreline pathway past Point Pinos. The ocean air was so refreshing and it was awesome to watch the large waves break on the rocks. It was actually quite warm and sunny outside. The run was 62 minutes and about 10 miles – I felt pretty good.

This evening we watched the over-the-top raunchy film “Beer League” and it was funny for what it’s worth. I followed up the movie with some work on a group project and now it’s time to hit the sack!


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  1. It was great having you over!! You’re invited any time.

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