Lunch Speaker Series

Today the Stanford Law and Business Society put on its first event of the year, a lunchtime speaker event with Benjamin Heineman. The event went well as Mr. Heineman was an excellent speaker and the crowd seemed very engaged and interested. The Thaiphoon lunch was also tasty as usual. Our next event is Professor Grundfest on November 6th which should be awesome!

Other than this, things are basically normal with my life basically consisting of class and some running. I did the Moody loop yesterday and felt really good and today I took the day off because I am running tomorrow morning (although I think I am going to hit Arrillaga gym a little this evening – I can’t resist 🙂 .

I am excited to visit my sister on Friday and Saturday in Monterey and provide my presence at the grand opening of the REI down there. Next Monday I am giving a slideshow of my mountain photography at the Stanford Alpine Club in Clark Center room s360. See a preview of the highlights here. You should really come, it’s gonna be sweet!


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