Cruise Control

Business as usual here at Stanford. Class, runs, etc.

As far as running, I had a speedy run today at Los Altos Hills even though my legs felt a little tired. I have run many days in a row now so I plan on taking tomorrow off.

Chicago FinishRegarding school, I gave my presentation on Lease Guaranties in Real Estate Transactions and I think it went well. Now I have to put together the paper this week which should not be difficult after completing all the underlying research and getting a good start on the questions.

A racing lesson proved at the Chicago Marathon last weekend: run through the finish line! Never let up until you cross that line! Adriana Pirtea, whom I watched run while she was at UTEP and I was at running Rice, unfortunately strolled down the home stretch too casually to be narrowly beaten by Berhane Adere who came out of nowhere. She essentially blew it – especially sad because this was her debut marathon 😦

See video of the womens finish here.

In the mens race, both Patrick Ivuti and Jauad Gharib gave everything they got, but Ivuti wound up taking it by five-hundredths of a second because of his final dash in the last few meters and lean at the tape – unbeleivable!

See men’s video here.

Photo Courtesy: Chicago Marathon


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