Skyline Ridge Park Run

Today I ventured out to the Skyline Ridge Area for a longer run. The run was in Skyline Ridge and Long Ridge Open Space Preserves. Yesterday on the blog I said “I don’t expect it to be that hilly because the trails are on top of the ridge.” YEA RIGHT, I sure got this one wrong! Granted, the ridge run did not have continuous long hills over one mile long, it was still quite hilly with plenty of ups and downs that aren’t reflected in the park maps. It was also quite chilly up there with a stiff breeze and temps probably in the low-50s. On the bright side, the trails were spectacular, passing through sections of forest and meadows with sweeping views. In addition, there was some real fall color starting to show up on the maples. The run was 93 minutes long and while I have no idea how many miles I covered exactly, I figure it was around 13 miles (I hope!). I definitely need a flatter run if I am going to run tomorrow! However, next time I head up to Skyline Ridge, I will check out the northern end – Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, which is known for its 360 degree views, especially to the Bay Area.


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