Baylands Run

After going to get routine maintenance on my car, I drove to the Baylands for a great run along the San Francisco Bay. I dealt with strong headwind on the way out, but the return trip was a delight. The run took a little over 63 minutes (with a couple extra cool down) and the total mileage is around 10 miles. Yesterday I made the mistake of delaying the run until after my 4:15-6:15 class. By the time I got out to Los Altos Hills, the sun had already set. I was able to get in 45 minutes of running in gorgeous twilight before darkness set in. I learned that the option of running after the afternoon class is quickly disappearing. Fortunately, the temperatures are cooling down as well and running in the middle of the day is actually nice.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bella says:

    As you know, it’s no different here in the PNW with the combination of rain!

  2. PNW Runner says:

    It’s a long boring story…but that’s my new blog home.

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