Redmond Watershed

Today I ran at the Redmond Watershed Preserve, a fabulous park for some fast trail running. I have been running the “Shed” since I was in 9th grade, almost 10 years ago and just after this park was first created. I basically know every turn and even the rocks on the trail! I love the watershed because of the beautiful forest atmosphere. The trail are very well maintained with relatively little elevation gain and loss so it is fast. It was nice to return to this familiar stomping ground and do a nice two-looper (~5 miles each) for around 10 miles total (63 minutes). My legs felt awkward on the first loop (still feeling the effects of the 50k last Saturday), but the second loop felt more fluid.

In the afternoon, I went to look at cars with my mom, in particular the Honda CRV and the Toyota RAV4. I personally like the design of the Honda CRV better, but we will see which one we get the best deal on.


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  1. Scott says:

    Hey Leor! Just swinging by via Bella’s blog. Congrats on the awesome race at Cle Elum. Very impressive. And you have some AWESOME photos on your site. I’ve only been in Washington for a couple years (I’m a Texas boy) and still have a lot to see. Hope to see you at an ultra or two in the future!

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