There was an “offshore flow” weather pattern today that brought smoke from fires burning to the north and east of the bay area. It was almost like a mini display of what a volcanic eruption would do to the climate. The smoke was almost like a layer of high clouds and suppressed temperatures until it moved away. A large volcanic eruption would do this on a much large magnitude and many scientists believe eras of more volcanic activity can cause climate to shift. We are currently in a period of lower volcanic activity on earth, so don’t expect volcanoes to plunge us into a mini ice age anytime soon. This evening the smoke is finally disappating and the typical California sunshine promises to be out in full force tomorrow!

Today I ran for 60 minutes at Los Altos Hills. It was actually a fast pace run despite being hot and my legs a little tired. My first week of classes is over, so it’s time to get the weekend going!


Photo by Paul Chinn/Chronicle , see article


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