A couple more climbs

I got in a couple more speed climbs this week while the weather was good. On Thursday, I ascended Eldorado Peak in North Cascades National Park in 4:58 roundtrip! The first time I climbed this mountain in 2003 it took 10+ hours and I felt pretty studly afterwards. Now I climbed it in less than half that amount of time!

On Friday I climbed Lemah mountain in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. This mountain was much more time consuming and physically taxing. There was 22 miles of trail running and around 12 miles of rugged off-trail travel complete with loose rock, talus fields, snow, scrambling, and annoying brush. Lemah mountain is definitely an area that is infrequently visited. Aside from a couple cairns, there was no evidence of human impact past Spectacle Lake – no paths, no camping areas, no bootprints. The climb had an exploratory feel to it, especially because I made a couple routefinding errors. This climb took 11:26 and let’s just say I am quite tired today.  

Check back later for trip reports and photos!

Also, today is my neice’s first birthday so happy birthday Tamar! My sister threw a small party complete with delicious lunch – chicken and vegetable skewers, burgers, salads, cake, etc.


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