Un-August Weather

The weather in Western Washington has been unusually cool and cloudy this summer, but today was more like a day in March with gray skies all day and a steady rain all morning. The Seattle weather station set a record for precipitation for this date and reports on the eastside had rainfall totals of over 1 inch! A day with 1 inch of rain is notable even in the winter! People often do not realize that summer weather in Seattle is actually quite nice and dependably good – not so this year….  More rain is forecasted for tomorrow morning and then a slow improvement through Wednesday and continued nice through the end of the week. I hope to get in a few more climbs next week before it’s time to return to California.

I ran this afternoon and felt awful. I guess the climbs finally caught up to my legs. Ironically, taking a day off yesterday made the legs feel worse. It’s almost like the rest allowed them to tighten up. I also had some footwear issues so I think I am going to just get the same shoe I was using before. I hope tomorrow will be a good rebound.

Inspiration Peak

Inspiration Peak from the summit of West McMillan Spire

Inspiration Peak

Inspiration Peak, I hope to climb someday.


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