Back into it!

My butt has finally healed enough to allow me to run the past couple days, yay!! On Monday, the run started out with all kinds of pain in my butt and my legs felt totally out of whack after not running for 5 days – 47 minutes at Beaver Lake and Klahanie. On Tuesday, I started out a little tight,  but it got better and better as the run went on, and it was a long and fast one – 15 miles, 92 minutes, Redmond Watershed Preserve. The 15-miler yesterday was no shake out and an indication that I didn’t lose too much of my shape over the course of butt recovery!

In other news, parts of our new Dell Desktop have arrived at my home in Sammamish. We are jumping into the 21st Century here this summer with several upgrades:  new computer, new digital phone, broadband internet, digital phone, and digital cable tv. Prior to the upgrades, we had a 10 year old computer, old phones, and 56k internet. The technology experience is becoming much more enjoyable!


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