Baylands Preserve Run

This morning I ran with Hari at Baylands Preserve along the marshes of the San Francisco Bay. The preserve is the largest tract of undisturbed marshland in the San Francisco Bay. We ran for 66 minutes on the dirt pathways and I got to work on my tan a little! It was definitely a change of scenery from the redwood forest of El Corte de Madera, but I like to mix it up, and it is beautiful in its own way. We saw plenty of birds along the way and airplanes landing and taking off from the Palo Alto General Aviation airport. Part of the path goes right around the runway giving a very close view of the small planes. We also saw large aircraft approaching and flying out of San Francisco international airport. Here is a map of the park.

In other news, my wrist/arm is swollen from the bee sting yesterday. I hope the swelling decreases because right now it’s not very comfortable.


Photo Courtesy of Bay Area Hiker.


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