Man vs. Wild

I have basically been in rest mode most of the day watching the Man vs. Wild marathon on Discovery Channel. The host Bear Grylls is amazing and he shows off some sweet survival skills on each episode. I love some of the stuff he eats like beetles, maggots, and scorpions! Pretty sweet job he has!

I haven’t been lazy all day though. In the morning I had a great 70 minute run at El Corte de Madera park with Hari and now I am heading to Arrillaga gym for a little light lifting because I just can’t sit around for too long without getting restless 🙂 .

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I had a little bit of Man vs. Wild today myself. While running at El Corte de Madera I got stung by a bee in my wrist. It didn’t hurt too bad and now it’s a bit swollen, but I think it will be fine.

Bee Sting


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