Lunch, Movie, and Run!


Today was a really fun day. I had a great lunch at Milagros Restaurant in Redwood City. It was nice to eat outside in the shade on a hot day.  I had fish tacos for the entree, the appetizers were great, and the dessert was very tasty. I never realized how nice the new Redwood City Center is, which has been revitalized over the past few years.

After the lunch, we walked over to a nice new theater to watch Live Free or Die Hard. The movie got great reviews and I agree with the positive ratings. For an action flick, I thought it was great, but I am an easy movie goer to appease!

Downtown Redwood City

Photo by Konstandinos Goumenidis

After the movie, I drove over to Huddart Park and put in a 70 minute run in the hills. My legs felt tired from the M0unt Goddard climb last Saturday, but I didn’t push it and ended up enjoying the run at the the less aggressive pace. After the run, I lifted a little back weights at Arrillaga.


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