Today I ran at Huddart Park. It was a great run to loosen up and unwind. The trails at Huddart are great from top to bottom with great single track and thick, shady forest throughout to keep me cool on a warm summer day (today is the first official day of summer!). I extended the run a little from the last time by running along Skyline Ridge for a little longer. Total running time was 75 minutes, with the last 2 minutes a slow cool down to shake out the elevation gain and loss.

I’m not sure if I am going to hit the mountains this weekend. It would have to be a solo show, which is not idyllic from a driving perspective, but I really want to get out to the hills this weekend!


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  1. Luke says:

    Great blog by a great person!

    Only the best study at Stanford, so I really admire You, though I don’t know You personally. I also study law… but far, far away in Poland. Nothing compared to SLS experience – in Poland law teaching lacks some freshness: too much to memorize, too less creativity.

    I don’t how is it possible to pass (if I remember well) 4 exams in a row… I know it’s a stupid (even really stupid ) question, but do You read only once/wice and remember everything… like some kind of a superhuman? 😉

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