Hot at Wunderlich

Today I ran at Wunderlich park hoping to escape the heat. I was able to avoid the 95 degree weather of Palo Alto, but it was still in the 80’s at the parking lot. Fortunately, the higher up the hill I ran, the cooler it became to where it was probably around 70 degrees at Skyline Blvd. Unfortunately, I had to descend back into the warmer temperatures and I finished super thirsty! The heat did take its toll and I felt sluggish for much of the ascent. Despite feeling slow and tired, the descent went fast and I ran the loop in a little over 77 minutes, nearly the same time I had done it the previous two times I had run it. It’s good to push through these days where the legs don’t feel great because there are going to be times in the mountains where the body is tired and one must physically and mentally rise to the challenge.

Bowling PinsAfter the run I came home and watched Planet Earth, my favorite TV show right now. The footage is absolutely amazing and I look forward to watching the 2 hours of action every Wednesday evening.

I also went bowling today around lunch time. I cracked 100 on both rounds I played (105 and 101), a feat that was unprecedented in my very short bowling history (I’ve only been at the lanes about a half dozen times in my life).

It is supposed to cool down a little this weekend which should make for some nice climbing weather in the high Sierra!


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