El Corte de Madera Sweetness

El Corte de Madera

Wow, what an awesome run today at El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve. I ran 77 minutes and ran the loop I intended to run the first and only other time I was at this park. Last time, I thought I was going the wrong way and turned around when in reality it was the right way. Today, I didn’t make this mistake and found some sweet single track trail running and really aesthetic loop. In the 11+ mile loop, about 10 miles of it was awesome narrow-trail forest running, most in redwood forests. The long climb near the end was challenging and tough but it was fun 🙂 Total time was 77 minutes.

Yesterday I got back from an awesome weekend at Seascape. After some rest and a climb brainstorming session I hit Arrillaga gym for a 7.5 mile run with total time about 49 minutes

I’m looking forward to surfing in Half Moon Bay and eating dinner at the Half Moon Bay Brewery tomorrow afternoon and evening!


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