Sabrina Basin Trip Report

Picture Peak Summit

Me on the summit of Picture Peak (a self-timer image – not bad)

Here are the trip reports from the fabulous weekend at Sabrina Basin in the high Sierra!

Also check out my newly created gallery at!

    Sabrina Panorama

    Panorama of upper Sabrina Basin with Powell Ridge (left) and Picture Peak (right)

    Exercise: On Monday I returned to the gym (it has been awhile) and worked on shoulders and chest with dumbbells and cable cross-overs. I felt okay for not lifting in so long. On Tuesday I ran for 45 minutes at Arastradero preserve. It was a good run with cool temperatures and a stiff breeze.  Today I went out to Wunderlich Park and enjoyed another fantastic trail run from the base up to Skyline Blvd. It was amazing to see the weather change as I ran up the hills with clear skies and comfortable temps at the bottom to chilly fog and mist at the Skyline crest!

    NBA: The Spurs demolished the Utah Jazz and are on their way to the finals. It’s tough not to like Manu Giniboli, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker.


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