Sabrina Basin

Today I returned from another awesome weekend in the high Sierra, this time in Sabrina Basin outside the town of Bishop. Here is a photo from Sailor Lake with Picture Peak reflecting (click on image for larger version).

Sailor Lake Reflection

After bivying near the trailhead, we set out on the trail from Lake Sabrina to Blue Lake on Saturday morning. Here we began a large loop, continuing up the basin to Sailor Lake, where we dropped the overnight gear. I set out and climbed Mount Haeckel, Mount Wallace, Picture Peak, and Point 13,080 ft+ that afternoon, returning to Sailor Lake. We enjoyed the spectacular views of Picture Peak from Sailor Lake.

On Sunday we completed a carry-over traverse of Powell Ridge, ascending Point John (Mount Powell), Point Wesley, and Point Powell. We descended down the other side of the ridge to Sunset Lake and Baboon Lakes, and then down the valley to Blue Lake, where the loop was completed. We then retraced our steps back down to Lake Sabrina and got a headstart on the following day’s drive back to the bay area, camping near Mammoth Hot Springs. The hot springs were great for the tired legs!

What a fabulous weekend in the mountains! I will post a trip report and more photos in the coming days.


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