Monterey Bay Weekend II

So the trip to Monterey Bay was awesome. I got to see my sister’s sweet new Victorian house in Pacific Grove, tour the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and relax with my family. We also celebrated my 23rd birthday with an awesome dinner at a Thai restaurant followed by some great desserts at my sister’s house. The dessert offering included Millet Bread and amazing pumpkin pie made from scratch by my sister. Big thanks to Talli and David for being great hosts! It was a fun time, hopefully the family will reunite again soon.

Here are some more photos from Monterey!

Hopkins Research Center

Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Research Center


I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my family (the official date is May 11th). The pumpkin pie my sister made from scratch was absolutely amazing!

Birthday with family

Nice birthday photo with my mom and two sisters

Cute Tamar

Cute photo of Tamar with a stylish hat 🙂


Walking back up from the ocean.

Shore Trail

Beautiful shore trail.


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  1. Nice Photos. We enjoyed having you over!


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