We Believe!!! Warriors Win

The Warriors have completed the improbable – perhaps the biggest upset in NBA playoff history! I knew the Warriors matched up well against the #1-seeded Mavs, but I didn’t realize they would play so well. I am so happy for the Warriors and the Bay Area. It’s been a long time for Golden State, but they have come back with a bang. It was also unbelievable to watch Baron Davis dominate on one leg after straining his hamstring in the first quarter and Stephen Jackson’s onslaught of 3’s. With the Lakers and Mavericks out, I don’t know who to root against!

We have made it to Ashland, Oregon on the drive from Seattle to Palo Alto. Ashland is known for its Shakespeare Festival during the summer. We are about 14 miles from the California border. It’s unseasonably cold around here with rain showers and a chilly wind. The drive was through some nice countryside and we ate some tasty teryaki and sushi this evening. Tomorrow the plan is get an early start and make it to Stanford in time for the Cinco de Mayo celebration around 2-3 pm.


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