New Skis

Today I bought some new skis! It’s been over seven years and I thought it was time for an update. I was looking to purchase skis in May because now is when the price on last years models is reduced resulting in some amazing sales. Thus, even though I won’t be using these skis for about eight months, I was thinking discount. I think I achieved my goal and ended up getting the skis for about 1/3 of original retail price. I also got a discount on the bindings that go with the skis and the whole package was a great deal. The skis I ended up getting are pair of Atomic skis that are classified as advanced all-mountain. I am excited to test them out next winter on the slopes!

Otherwise, today was spent packing up for the long drive from Sammamish to Palo Alto which will commence tomorrow morning. The plan is to drive to at least Medford, Oregon. It was nice to be rest at home for one day and I am excited to visit my sister in Pacific Grove this weekend and start work next week!

NBA: So the Spurs were the first to advance in the West and will likely meet the Suns. Meanwhile, the Warriors fell apart in the closing stages of yesterday’s game against the Mavs. Everybody says the pressure is now on the Warriors, but they got to close all of that out. In reality, the pressure is still on the #1 seeded Mavs. I think everybody expects them to go ahead and win the series out and stave off the epic upset. I believe in the Warriors and hope they will come back focused and intense at home.


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