The big final is tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. It will all be over at 12:30 pm tomorrow. I plan on giving my brain a break for a few days 🙂

Yesterday I went to a track meet at Stanford and watched my friend from Rice compete in the 5k. I also saw Mircea Bogdan (formely of UTEP) run an 8:23 steeplechase (the A standard for the Beijing Olympics). He represents Romania. It’s pretty cool to think I raced against him, even though I wasn’t close from the start.

NBA: Wow, what a great game last night between the Warriors and Mavs. The Warriors came through, but it was a nail biter. Now that Dallas is in a must-win situation, they are going to give everything they have. The Warriors are going to have to match that intensity and give everything they got if they want to close-out the series.

Exercise: I did a little bit of my own running today to break up the studying. I hit the Oak Creek loop for a 48 minute run and felt pretty good.


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