Busy Week Ahead

I-5More studying and more NBA basically sums it up for me! Some more review today and tomorrow and then it’s exam time. The end is drawing near and I am ready to take the exam. After the exam, it becomes a busy week as I fly home the same day (Tuesday), pack up on Wednesday, and then drive a car down here for the summer on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be with my mom, so the drive should not be too arduous. A quick move to my summer apartment is followed by a trip to visit my sister in her new Victorian house (a historical site) in Pacific Grove (near Monterey) over the weekend. Finally, I start work on May 7th. The rest of the summer promises to be packed with firm events, climbs of Shasta and the high Sierra, and other fun! Whew, I am pumped 🙂

NBA: Steve Nash came through with an amazing performance today posting 23 assists. The most amazing part of it is that Phoenix did not shoot that well. If they had been knocking down more shots, he could have had 30+ assists! Tonight the Warriors meet the Mavericks for game four. The Mavs are going to come out swinging hard. I hope the Warriors can match the intensity and make it a fight, and who knows, maybe the Warriors will surprise again…

Exercise: What a beautiful day for a run. After a scorchers on Friday and Saturday, it has cooled into the upper 60’s making for some comfortable conditions. I took advantage and ran the dish. Total run time was 47 minutes and I felt good.


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  1. Austin says:

    Hey, it just occurred to me that WSGR might be having some firm-wide events down in Palo Alto this summer. If so, want me to give you a call? Maybe we can swap notes on firms and stuff. Also, I’m jealous your exams are almost over, I still have all 4 left to go.

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