Return to the Dish


Today I made my return to “The Dish,” a hilly 3.2 mile loop (gate-to-gate) in a natural area managed by Stanford University. The total run was around 7 miles with an extra loop of Lake Lagunita and running to and from Studio 2. It has been some time since I have run the Dish loop and it was nice to see the hills green with new grass growth. I ran in the evening and the weather was awesome with temps in the upper 60’s cooling to the mid 60’s and very little wind. I felt pretty good on the hills, mostly attributed to the fact that I have been running consistently for the past 3.5 weeks.

NBA: Looks like no sweeps in the West after the Lakers defeated the Suns tonight. I really hope the Warriors pull off another miracle tomorrow and beat the Mavs. Meanwhile, in the East its looking more and more like a Detroit Pistons sweep of the Orlando Magic. The Pistons are playing great team basketball right now and they are my pick to win the Eastern Conference. Moreover, despite the West being ridiculously deep, a team like the Pistons will be a worthy opponent for whoever they face, whether it be the Mavs, Spurs, or Suns (most likely these teams).


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