NBA Playoffs

The NBA regular season is now over and the playoffs are set. I am excited for some great match-ups, especially in the ridiculously deep western conference. I’m really pulling for the Golden State Warriors to cause the Dallas Mavericks some problems, and I think they can with their high-octane offense. I think every series in the West is worth watching and it will only get better in the conference semifinals. The fun starts this Saturday, but the most compelling games (in my opinion) are on Sunday. I like a bunch of teams in the playoffs, but I’m pulling for the Suns to take the whole thing. Of the other teams with a realistic shot at winning, I would be happy if the Spurs, Heat, Pistons won it all too.

Tomorrow is the last day this semester (and probably next year too) I get to wake up at 7:30 am for class at 8 am. I have one last class Monday evening and then it’s studying hard for a closed-book and detail-oriented final for Securities Regulation class. Second year of law school ends midday on May 1st. In case it hasn’t already come through on this blog, Stanford Law School is AWESOME!! It’s been an awesome time so far and I am pumped for more good times as a third year.

Exercise: Yesterday I had a great back workout at Arrillaga. I know it was good because I am sore today! Today went on a nice 48 minute run with some great running weather (cloudy with temps in the mid-50s).


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