Matterhorn Peak

Well, class basically went till 3 pm this afternoon making for a very long Friday. It was rough at the end – I’m not sure how much I retained in the last hour of securities regulation. We were learning something about scienter, Ann Taylor, blue socks, and fashion faux paux…

Exercise: I did the Oak Creek loop again today for the usual 48 minutes. It was a good run. In the beginning, the entire women’s distance track team ran by me in the opposite direction. There were doing a tempo run and made me feel kind of slow, hahaha. Granted, some of the best runs in the nation are on the Stanford team (they are the reigning women’s cross country champions) and I made sure to pick it up at the end of the run.

Below is a photo of 12,279 foot Matterhorn Peak, one of the mountains in the high Sierra I am excited to climb this late-spring/summer. There are a few intriguing routes on the mountain, but I think I am going to start with the East Couloir, which is tucked away in the shade just to the left of the summit block in the photo. With a name like Matterhorn and a sweet looking scene, this peak is irresistible!



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