Kind of busy today with an oppressive amount of reading to get through. I’m tired already, but there is unfortunately more to read. Otherwise, the draft of my research paper on Chinese Solar IPO’s in the United States is complete, with introduction and conclusion. Now, I need to simply edit and make sure there is consistency and continuity throughout the paper. Tomorrow I’ve got class at 8 am through (potentially) 3 pm due to a long additional session for securities regulation (there will be two breaks). No, the session is not a make-up, it’s an additional session – on a Friday afternoon…

Exercise: A nice, fresh day (it rained a little yesterday) for a run. I selected the Oak Creek 48-minute loop again. It was a little blustery, but because the Oak Creek run is a loop, the wind is going to be helpful on parts of the run and hurt on other parts. So, while I would rather it be calm, the wind is manageable.

Lastly, I congratulate the Miami Heat dancers for defending their crown from last year by defeating the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. Both teams were very worthy, but it was tough to deny the Heat because one of the members of their team, all-star dancer Katherine, is just unbelievable (middle dancer in photo).


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