High Sierra

While I visited the “valley” at Yosemite and the big trees in Sequoia Park, I have never climbed the high Sierra. By working in Palo Alto this summer, I hope to change this. I plan on heading into the mountains on the weekends to explore the range. I’ve been reading up on the opportunities and here are some peaks and scenic areas that have caught my eye (from North to South):

1. Matterhorn Peak and Sawtooth Ridge

2. Mount Lyell and Mount Maclure

3. Mount Ritter, Banner Peak, and the Minarets

4. Sabrina Basin: Mount Haeckel, Mount Wallace, and Picture Peak

5. The Palisades

6. Arrow Peak and Bench Lake

7. Dragon Peak, Rae Lakes

8. University Peak and Kearsarge Pinnacles

9. Mount Whitney Area

10. Kaweah Peaks

This list will keep me busy for awhile and I’m sure more mountains/regions will be added.

Tomorrow is the dinner and movie event I am organizing for the law and business society. I am excited!

Exercise: I ran the usual Oak Creek 48 minute loop yesterday and today and felt pretty good both days. Such great running weather recently!


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