Research Update

solar panelWell, it turns out I was even more motivated than I thought. Yesterday (Sunday) I finished most of the draft on my paper entitled “The Wave of Chinese Solar IPO’s on U.S. Exchanges: Reasoning and Implications.” All I have left to write is the conclusion and introduction and a section providing short descriptions of the companies that have IPO’d or are expecting to IPO in the coming months. Hopefully these last couple loose ends won’t take longer than an hour or two and then I can begin the editing process.

Other than wrapping up the paper, I am left with research assistant work and reading/studying for the final in Securities Regulation. It’s nice to only have a couple things to juggle, even if those things are pretty major.

Also, I am organizing a law and business society dinner/movie event this week. We’ll be showing “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” with some delicious food from Thaiphoon restaurant.

Otherwise, I rode to Whole Foods today to pick up some food (I’m running pretty low). It was another beautiful day so I enjoyed the ride. I also had a good pump at Arrillaga gym focusing on back muscles and some biceps at the end. Tomorrow I plan on hitting the Oak Creek loop for a run.


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