Great Progress


 China Solar

I sacrificed my Saturday for the purpose of making some serious headway on my research paper for Venture Capital on the wave of Chinese Solar IPOs on U.S. exchanges. The sacrifice was worth it in hindsight because I accomplished a lot. I now have about 30 pages written with around 10-12 pages to go so I feel pretty good. I definitely don’t want to shortchange my points, so I’ve got no hard set page limit in mind. My goal is to wrap up the first draft in the next couple days and then do the first edit and source organization during the week. I would like to be essentially finished with virtually all substantive work on this paper by the end of next weekend so I can begin studying for my single final exam, which is a big time closed book exam (i.e. memorization of many rules and cases). Luckily, I’ve only got one exam with which to overload my brain this finals period.


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