British navy not so royal


I watched the British sailor hostage “crisis” come to a close on world news yesterday. It’s a stretch to call it a crisis as the whole thing looked like a big staged event by the Iranians, complete with video confessions and general media frenzy. When the soldiers left they were decked in suits and were carrying bags of presents like they were tourists or like they had just left an awards show.

There was once a time when the British navy was the best in the world; a fleet that was meticulously trained and highly professional. If the British navy was once royal, it is clearly not anymore. The behavior of the “hostages” was ridiculous. I guess they didn’t teach the troops how to carry themselves in such situations. The soldiers acted like the Iranian authorities were family and made Ahmedinejad look like a kind, forgiving man at the end of the day (which he is clearly not). Their reaction to the decision they were going to be released was borderline childish. I’m happy they were released and there was a peaceful resolution, but the British navy has some serious problems to rectify.

Business as usual around here. Despite only having three classes, I’m finding myself quite busy trying to write a massive paper and doing research for a professor. I’m going to the law school this afternoon to hear billionaire and real estate entrepreneur Sam Zell speak on the $39 billion buyout of Equity Office Properties. This should be really interesting. I bet there will be many questions of his recent acquisition of the Chicago Tribune Company.

Exercise: A really good pump at Arrillaga gym yesterday primarily working shoulders. Today I went on a run and it was enjoyable. I did the normal Oak Creek 48 minute stroll. I didn’t push too hard, but yet I felt relatively smooth and I wasn’t laboring too much (unlike Monday… I don’t want to remind myself). I am aiming to start hitting the dish soon once I feel like I am in a nice running rhythm. Running the dish should be good training for the mountain running and speed climbing I plan to do this summer.


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