Costco Visit!

Yes, any visit to Costco Wholesale is worth mentioning in the title of an entry. It was an especially nice to visit my “home” Costco location in Issaquah, which also serves as the corporate headquarters (located about 8 minutes from my house in Sammamish). One of those in-house positions at Costco has my name written all over it (or the in-house job at REI). All in all, it was a fairly normal visit with the normal loop through the store, but the satisfaction of buying bulk for cheap is always great.  We also visited Trader Joe’s, another fine establishment where it is truly a pleasure to to shop and consume purchased foods 🙂

Exercise: I had a nice workout at Klahanie gym with flat bench, incline bench, and some cross-overs. I built up to 10 reps of 155 pounds and then my mom helped me do some single reps at 185 pounds. I wasn’t used to the heavier weight falling down on me and I had a rough time with the second set. Oh well, it’s all about practice!


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