Planet Earth Show

With temperatures in the upper 50’s and a nice sunshine, it was a nice day to be outside working in the garden in Sammamish. First, I mowed the lawn, which was literally a foot high in some spots. Then I did some last minute pruning on some fruit trees. Next, I cut back the sticker bushes which is a slow process. Finally, I did a general clean-up, throwing droppings, branches, and any other debris that fell over the winter into the thickets.

Other than the yard work, I have been watching some tv, including a great show on Discovery Channel called Planet Earth, which a series about the most spectacular natural events on earth. It is a joint effort between the Discovery Channel and the BBC. I have to say, it is an amazing nature show (and I have seen quite a few)! Some of that footage is unreal. I heard $1 million was spent on each episode and it clearly shows. I highly recommend watching this show, even if you are not into nature documentaries.


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