Business Plan

Today my group turned in our Business Plan for Environmental Entrepreneurship, the class at the Stanford Business School I took last semester. It was a great course and I think the final product is great. What is great about our plan is that it will be used in the real world by a real start-up company, The Remediators out of Port Angeles, Washington. The Remediators seek to clean up contaminated lands in a natural and environmentally friendly manner using fungi. We met with the founders and worked hard to add value to their enterprise – I think we succeeded. Our work with the Remediators was even higlighted in an article in a local newspaper, the Peninsula Daily News, covering the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

After we finished the business plan, we out for some drinks. Now it’s time for Spring break! Bright and early tomorrow morning for Venture Capital and then Securities Regulation, but it’s always a pleasure to attend these classes.

Exercise: The weather today was fabulous (again) and I took advantage doing the normal 48 minute Oak Creek loop run. Tomorrow I want to hit Arrillaga one more time before I head home Saturday morning for the entire Spring break.


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