Skip the Chinese Buffet

Chinese Buffet

Ewwww!! A study finds Chinese restaurant food is unhealthy – what a no brainer! I could have told you that long ago – it’s obvious just by looking at the food and how it is prepared. So much of the food is greasy, oily, fatty (especially pork), and totally fried. Thus, Chinese restaurant meals are naturally loaded with saturated fat and calories. I’d have to say Chinese food is probably the worst food for your health of all the Asian offerings. The bottom line eating routinely at Chinese restaurants is not good for your waistline and heart. And don’t think you can go and just order a veggie dish. These meals are problematic because they are frequently stir-fried in greasy oils or soaked in fatty sauces. Thus, even vegetables that start up with relatively few calories end up turning into a calorie-heavy grease fest. Do your heart a favor and skip out on the Chinese buffet line!!


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