Mini Weekend

It sure was nice to not have any class today – mini weekend! It’s also going to be sweet to have Wednesday through Friday afternoons off! I’ve put in so many hours into my research project for Venture Capital already, but I will use the free time to produce an excellent paper – at least to the best of my capabilities.

Spring break is 3 days away and I am pumped! Right now, the weather is looking dry and rather cool early next week. This sets the stage for some downhill skiing and/or climbing. If I go skiing, it’ll be during the week so I can loop runs all day. I figure I’ll go at least one day because I haven’t skied since Whistler over winter break. As much as I would love to return to Whistler, I am having difficult finding a partner for the trip. I will try and climb at some point if the weather looks particularly good. I’m also excited just to relax and chill in my hometown of Sammamish!

Exercise: Yesterday I ran Oak Creek for the usual 48 minutes. I felt ok on the run. The weather was perfect but I didn’t feel incredibly strong (and I probably won’t for awhile). Today I worked out at Arrillaga with a great bench session building up to 10×155 pounds. I did incline bench and cable cross-overs at various levels to round out the workout. I felt really strong and cut today. Tomorrow I plan on running in the early afternoon.


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