Quarter Finale

I took two quarter classes this semester and they are now over. This leaves three classes to concentrate on for the 4 weeks (plus Spring Break week) remaining in the semester. It will be nice to have all afternoons free (except Monday evening from 6:30 pm to 8:10 pm) and no class on Tuesday at all! I’ve still got a lot of work to do on my paper for Venture Capital so I am going to have to keep plugging away. Also for Venture Capital, I’ve got a term sheet negotiation tomorrow which will fill up the balance of my Friday morning.

Polar Bear

More sad global warming news here.  Global temps set a record for the warmest winter on record. Also, earth is losing its “sunscreen” as aerosols (of which emissions have been severely curtailed) dissipate in the atmosphere. I wonder how much news like this – how much bleaker the outlook has to get – for the worldwide community to take action to make some real progress on this issue?

Exercise: A good workout at Arrillaga working back muscles and a little biceps.  I actually motivated myself to go at 2 pm and it was empty, so I was very efficient. If you go to a busy gym, I highly recommend going on off-peak hours to maximize your workout time.


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