Sunny days keep coming…

Another beautiful day in the upper 70’s! It’s pretty tough to beat this kind of weather.

I finally got out on a run after last week’s sickness and I was happy to exercise outside for a change. I was also happy I didn’t try to run much earlier than I did. My throat was getting clogged occasionally so I can only imagine what it would have been like if I ran while my sinuses were going stronger. Otherwise, I felt pretty shoddy on the run, but I was expecting that. My legs just felt weak and the breathing rhythm was off. The run was 40 min, but pretty easy throughout.


This evening I saw a film at the Environmental Law Society’s Reel Green Film Festival. The movie was “Black Diamonds,” a documentary about t

he campaign to stop mountaintop coal mining in the Appalachian mountains. It was particularly interesting because I wrote about this litigation last semester. The movie provides a great look into the history of mountaintop removal coal mining and the grassroots efforts of citizens in the community.

By the way, the article I wrote will be published in May edition of Lewis and Clark Environmental Law Review. I am excited to see this published and hopefully it will help make people aware of the tragic and unprecedented destruction.

I downloaded the new Mozilla Firefox 2 and it is sweet. There is a totally cool spell checker built in to the browser and it’s just so easy to use.


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