Some political commentary

I think I am finally starting to turn the corner on the sickness. The nasal congestion is diminishing, my beloved voice is returning, and my taste buds are springing back to life (slowly). For no reason other than this, I am in a cheerful mood 🙂

This blog is not a political forum for me, but it’s tough to resist today. I can’t believe some “liberal” Democrats who are disappointed with the new Iraq troop withdrawal plan introduced by Democrat leadership in Congress. It’s basically a no-win situation for Democrat leaders: on the one hand, they have George Bush threatening to veto anything and everything, and on the other hand, they have people from their own party saying they are not doing enough! This just seems wrong to me and a manifestation of why politics sucks. I think the new Democrat plan is the best way for the party to at least make a strong statement on their position, fully knowing President Bush will veto such legislation if it ever gets to his desk. One thing the Democrats should not do is push too hard and alienate the moderate center swing voters, which is the key to winning any election in the United States, and most importantly, the presidency in 2008. At the end of the day, I think a real withdrawal out of Iraq is going to have to wait until the Bush administration is through.Red Tape

I was also very disappointed to here that FEMA is not providing vacant mobile homes to many victims of the recent tornadoes just because they were not decalared “Federal disaster areas.” Instead, hundreds are sitting idle a few hundred miles away. Moreover, FEMA is trying to get rid of this overstock of trailers from Hurricane Katrina by selling them for 40 cents on the dollar. This is just plain ridiculous! Not only are the tax payers losing out big time, but FEMA is failing to provide resources to Americans who most need it, again! How much worse can red tape and bureaucracy get? I hope somebody high up changes the policy after the story was broadcast on world news…

Lastly, how hypocritical is this?  It would be nice if we could elect Bill Clinton for President again…

Arrillaga: I had a sweet workout at the gym today with half of it before Environmental Entrepreneurship class and the other half after! The first half focused on shoulders and second half featured some bicep exercises. I felt good both times!


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