While the calendar doesn’t say it is Spring, it sure feels like it in sunny Palo Alto. Today was the third day in a row of high temperatures in the low 70’s under clear blue skies and blazing sunshine. After a dip into the mid 60s tomorrow, the sun is supposed is to take over once again for late week into next weekend with temps pushing the mid-70s! The blossoms on the trees are beautiful too.

This evening I attended a fabulous mock negotiation of a corporate acquisition put on by Cooley Godward Law Firm. The session was informative, entertaining, and the sandwiches were tasty.

Despite being sick, I have lifted at Arrillaga the past few days and I have actually felt decent. I built up to 10 reps of 155 pounds on bench yesterday. I will return to the gym tomorrow and focus on back weights. I can’t wait! Unfortunately, the sinuses are just too clogged to consider running yet. However, I think I have made small progress today and hope this thing will clear up by the weekend.

2.5 weeks till Spring Break and I am pumped!!


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