Where is my voice?

Yesterday was the Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation’s (SPILF) annual auction event. It was fun. I donated a gym session and it sounded like lots of people bid for it. We also went to a party where the average height and weight of the dudes there was 6’2”/220 (and that’s being conservative) – I felt extra small! I never really the tall one anywhere, but I prefer to not be a hobbit.

Otherwise I have basically lost my voice (otherwise known as acute laryngitis). It really sucks to not have the ability to speak up, but at least the headache and night chills have passed so I “feel” reasonably healthy. Hopefully my bold voice will be back in action soon.

Exercise: On Friday I worked shoulders and chest at Arrillaga and yesterday I focused on the back muscles. Both reasonably good workouts. After several days with no cardio, I am anxious to really work up a sweat – oh well, that is the nature of getting sick 😦

Three weeks to skiing and relaxation over spring breaik!!


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  1. ggwfung says:

    just carry round a pad and pen – write your thoughts!


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