It’s Been Awhile

Sorry, no postings for a few days, I have been extremely busy. Lots of things to take care of while still doing the normal doses of class work and reading. I am pretty sure this is going to be the busiest part of the semester for me.

The initial research stage for my research on the recent wave of Chinese solar companies listing on U.S. exchange markets has been very time consuming. In order to get information, I have literally sent dozens of emails. After the intial rounds proved disappointing, I am starting to get some responses from professionals who are willing to help out. Hopefully they will answer some questions that I sent them in reply.

Yesterday I met with the Remediators for my Environmental Entrepreneurship Business School class. The informal and formal meetings lasted from 1 pm till 7 pm! The co-founders came down from Port Angeles, WA to meet with us and I think it was very productive. This is only a primer for long meetings that I will definitely have in my future…

I’m also trying to straighten out my living situation for the summer and I think I am almost there.

So, by the end of this week, I hope to be making progress on my research, finishing up some assignments, and finalizing my summer plans!


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